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"I've always thought we walk a tightrope unwittingly. With a safe, normal life on one side and howling chaos on the other. Explore this in my fiction, non-fiction and young adult books."

'Wall Street’s answer to Scott Turow.’ - New Woman

‘This book is a class act.’ - Glamour

‘Authentic, gripping, utterly fascinating.’ - Entertainment Weekly

‘A taut, sexy thriller.’ - Evening Standard

LongbowGirl by Linda Davies. Coming soon.

To learn more about Linda's latest young adult thriller take a look at the new LongbowGirl website.

A stunningly exciting and dramatic story set in the wilds of the Welsh mountains, where the brave and beautiful Merry Owen, the Longbowgirl, travels back in time to the autocratic kingdom of King Henry VIII to save her ancestors.

LongbowGirl will be published by Chicken House (by the legendary Barry Cunningham who, while at Bloomsbury, discovered Harry Potter) and Scholastic Books in 2016.

Of the new book, Linda says: "I love thrillers for both adults and young adults and this gives an insight into my young adult world."

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They say your personality is set at age seven. This is the year Helen Jenks’s father left, the day after the millions went missing from the bank where he was a director.

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High rollers in the City of London are there for one purpose only - to make money. They can be clever, unscrupulous, corrupt and greedy, but without that single, driving ambition they cannot survive, let alone succeed. 

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A rock star's life may be forgiven for being something wild but nobody had bargained for what emerges while the world's biggest Bowie bond issue is being negotiated.

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When love goes wrong, death is the most final settlement of all.  Morganna Hutton is a young artist, beautiful and rich.  When she falls in love with Archie Edge, she soon discovers this.  From the grand mansions of Long Island to the wilds of Cape Wrath, we follow Morganna in her quest for justice as she seeks the one person who has taught her the real meaning of love, her stolen daughter.

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A Hong Kong businessman of legendary wealth, and vast multinational interests has become corrupt, trading arms to the Chinese, extorting what he needs from people by violence and blackmail. MI6 want to trap him and Andrew Stormont is the man chosen to mastermind the operation.

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Fear one thing in all that is… Fear the Djinn.
The Wishmaster, 1993

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The Prince of Atlantis is back. His powers are growing, but so is the threat…

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Finn Kennedy, the Prince of Atlantis, is back in the third thrilling novel in the Djinn Quintet. 

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What if you could harness the powers of Sea, Storm and Fire? 

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