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The book trailer for Longbow Girl is here

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Book Excerpt: What happens when El Niño meets an Ark Storm

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Here’s an excerpt from my novel Ark Storm.  My heroine, Dr Gwen Boudain, a big wave surfing meteorologist, is it attempting to explain the phenomena of Ark Storms and El Niño to two private equity investors: Gwen eased out a silent breath, secured the agreements in her briefcase. “You’re both familiar with the predictions that, sooner or later, an Atmospheric River Storm, known as an ARk Storm, is highly likely to hit California?” she asked them. “Armageddon by weather,” said Weiss.  He had a soft, almost feminine voice. “A catastrophic superstorm,” Gwen agreed.   “It’s been described as Hurricane Katrina pushed through a keyhole. The scenario goes like this:...

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