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Tips on creative writing for children, schools and adults

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WRITING TIPS I often go into schools and universities to talk to children and young adults about writing. I have compiled a series of hints about creative writing that I hope you will find helpful. (They are all capitalized so that I can read them more easily when addressing a big assembly). I AM A STORY TELLER. EVERY DAY I SIT DOWN TO WRITE I REMIND MYSELF OF THAT. PLOT – ASK YOURSELVES A FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION: WILL ANYONE ELSE ACTUALLY WANT TO READ WHAT I AM WRITING? WILL I ENTERTAIN, BEGUILE, AMUSE, TERRIFY, TRANSPORT, MYSTIFY MY READERS, OR BORE THEM RIGID AND DEPRESS THEM?? IF YOU TELL A GREAT STORY, THE ANSWER WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY BE THAT YOU WILL...

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Empowering girls. It’s not what you look like, it’s what you do!

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Forging an independent identity is one of the biggest challenges many of our teens will face. It can be tough figuring out who you are, especially if the idealised identity on sale in our cultural bazaars requires a level of apparent perfection that is dispiriting rather than inspiring and relates to a static idea of how you should look, rather than what you can do with your body and mind. This affects boys and girls, but it is girls who suffer more of a dearth of healthy role models. If we look at music videos, which have a dominant effect in creating an imagery and theme tune of youth, girls are shown either as accessories or else as powerful by virtue of the...

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