Linda Desert 2

I am half Welsh, half Danish, or half Celt, half Viking, and love myths, legends of warriors and the sea.

I graduated in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and then put theory into practice an as investment banker in New York, London and Eastern Europe.  After seven years I escaped to write novels.  I grew up steeped in economics as both my late father, Professor GlynDavies and my late brother, Professor John Davies, were economists.  Like them, I believe that economics is more art than science and I particularly enjoy delving into the emotions of markets and market makers, both the honest (yes, they do exist!) and the fraudsters, many of whom remain invisible.

My first Novel, Nest of Vipers, was inspired by my years in the City but is of course a work of pure fiction.  It has been published in over thirty countries.  It has also been optioned three times by major Hollywood studios.  No movie yet, but here’s to waiting!

I’ve written four more novels for adults which have been published internationally; Wilderness of Mirrors, Into the Fire, Something Wild and Final Settlement.  I love to write about strong, independent and rebellious women in extreme situations.

My latest thriller for adults, Ark Storm, will be published by Tor Books (Macmillan US) in August of next year.

I’ve taken inspiration for my books from my work and from my travels.  I lived in Peru for three insane, wonderful and occasionally very challenging years.  In central Lima, I once found myself in the middle of a firefight.  After another stint in London I moved with my family to the Middle East. Originally, we had planned to live there for three years but we fell in love with the deserts and the seas and made wonderful lifelong friends, so we ended up staying there for eight years.

During that time, when sailing in the Arabian Gulf, I was kidnapped by Iranian government forces and held hostage for two weeks in Iran.  After UK government intervention, I was freed.

The strangest thing is that six weeks prior to that, I had written a scene into my first book for children/ Young Adults (Sea Djinn) where the protagonists get kidnapped at sea (there’s an article about this on my blog – Beware what your write…)

Having three children, I have always wanted to write Y/A fiction and Dubai, with its rich mythology and ancient belief in djinn also inspired me.  The Djinn series now comprises four books – Sea Djinn, Fire Djinn, Storm Djinn and King of the Djinn (and in time I will write War of the Djinn).  The series has been optioned by Hollywood producer, Sandy Climan.

As well as writing novels, I also write occasionally for The Times, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent and the Guardian newspapers in the UK, and the National Theatre.  I was lucky enough to win the Philip Geddes Prize for journalism.  During my time in Dubai I set up the Creative Writing Competition for Children and Young Adults at the Emirates Airline International Festival of Literature, and for three years was one of the judges, something which I enjoyed very much.

Now I live with my husband and three children within sight and smell of the sea in Suffolk, plotting my next adventures.

Luckily, I love writing.  It’s a wonderful career.  After having done various jobs that were pretty unspeakable in many ways, I count my blessings.  I also love swimming in the sea till I turn blue, walking my dawg, a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Boudicca after the Iceni Warrior Queen, hanging out with my family and inventing new and stupendous recipes.