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Latest cover for Hostage: Kidnapped on the High Seas

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20th Anniversary of Nest of Vipers – new Preface

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  Temptation:  The theme that runs through Nest of Vipers is ancient, modern, ubiquitous: from Adam and Eve to the Lord’s Prayer’s wonderfully poetic Lead us not into temptation, it’s always been there…. I wrote Nest of Vipers twenty years ago in what now seems by comparison almost an age of innocence.   Has anything changed?   I have changed.  I escaped investment banking to write full time.  I got married, had three children, lived in Peru, London and the Middle East, spent two weeks as a hostage in Iran, was mercifully released, and now live in the wilds of the countryside.   The financial landscape has changed.  It’s been an eventful 20...

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Financial Fiction Genre: Social Commentators, Journalists and Educators

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The world of finance becomes a mainstream topic in the era of “Greed is Good,” Junk Bonds, Leveraged Buy-Outs, the Yuppies etc. In the late 1960s the idea of using fiction as a means of teaching economic theory was revived by a pair of academics writing under the pseudonym ofMarshall Jevons. However, it was not until the 1980s that the world of finance really began to impinge on the public imagination. The 1980s was the get rich quick decade or the era of Junk Bonds, Leveraged Buy-Outs, and Greed is Good and the Yuppie. For an entertaining description of what it was like to be an investment banker in that period see Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis, who...

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Financial Fiction Genre: Finance without Frontiers, 1970-

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The early the 1970s saw the breakdown of the system of the post-war system of fixed exchange rates established by the Bretton Woods in 1945, the final demise of the gold standard, the globalisation of banking as European, American and Japanese banks built up a substantial presence in all the main financial centres of the world, and the build up of huge amounts of rootless capital looking for a profitable home, e.g. the “petro-dollars” of the oil-rich Arab states after the OPEC price shocks. Developments in computing and telecommunications from the 70s onwards greatly facilitated the ease of transferring capital around the world. The economic and political...

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Financial Fiction Genre: From Chaucer to the Victorian Era

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Late Medieval England Geoffrey Chaucer Although not one of his main claims to fame, Chaucer has the distinction of being “the first and so far the only English poet who was a customs officer and accountant.” He worked as controller in the Port of London, 1374-86, and as Clerk of the Works, 1398-91. In the former capacity he kept records of customs duties paid by merchants whereas in the latter post he was concerned with paying out money. Not surprisingly then there are frequent mentions of money in the General Prologue to the to the Canterbury Tales particularly in connection with two of the characters, the reeve (an officer responsible for overseeing a...

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