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";s:4:"text";s:3935:"Taiping: it’s basically 3 … This was the Taiping Rebellion. The scale of the Rebellion was such that it merited complete imperial attention for a time. However, what set the Taiping Rebellion apart from the other uprisings that had taken place in the past was its adherence to a strict ideology; it was the first rebellion to take place in China that conformed to a particular ideology. Taiping Rebellion. It is estimated that the entire rebellion cost more than twenty million lives (twice that of World War I). Amy Tan's novel The Hundred Secret Senses takes place in part during the time of the Taiping Rebellion. Scene from the Taiping Rebellion 1850 to 1864. The Taiping Rebellion began to fail in 1861 when the rebels proved unable to take Shanghai. In terms of firearm and tactics, its complicated. Test. Long Term Effects of the Rebellion. from 1850 to 1864. Who started the rebellion? Scene from the Taiping Rebellion 1850 to 1864. What title did he give himself? After three years of bloody fighting, the Qing government had retaken most of the rebel areas. Taiping Rebellion Quiz. Even by the 1950s, some parts of central China had not yet fully recovered from the destruction of the Taiping era. Looking at China from an outsider's point-of-view. The Taiping Rebellion was a revolt against the Qing dynasty in China, fought with religious conviction over regional economic conditions, and lasting from 1850 to 1864. The Taiping Rebellion and why it failed to overthrow the Qing Dynasty. The Manchu government, weak from a "debauched" emperor and the Opium War, could ultimately not withstand such a severe earthquake as the Taiping Rebellion. It lasted for some 14 years (1850–64), ravaged 17 provinces, took an estimated 20 million lives, and irrevocably altered the Qing dynasty (1644–1911/12). so a lot of things changed during that span. First, the Taiping rebellion went on for basically 20 years from when the first shots were fired to when the last remnants were crushed. PLAY. Match. Related articles: Facts, History & Combatants of the Boxer Rebellion, The Triad in China and Hong Kong, 30 fascinating Xinhai Revolution images, the Chinese Revolution of 1911, The first photographs of Hong Kong, the Second Opium War, and Beijing, Felice Beato in 1860 It is also known as the Rebellion of Great Peace, and took place under the rule of the Qing Government. The Taiping Rebellion was a large uprising in China during the middle part of the 19th century. After three years of bloody fighting, the Qing government had retaken most of the rebel areas. What was striking, however, was the kind of rebellion that occurred and the extent of the upheavals. Although a technical failure, the Taiping Rebellion changed the way the Chinese government functioned. Hong Xiuquan (Hakka: Fùng Siu-chhiòn) (1 January 1814 – 1 June 1864), born Hong Huoxiu and with the courtesy name Renkun, was a Hakka Chinese revolutionary who was the leader of the Taiping Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty.He established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom over varying portions of southern China, with himself as the "Heavenly King" and self-proclaimed brother of Jesus Christ Twenty million would die. Write. The 1800s were no different. Lisa See's novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan takes place in China during the reign of Emperor Xianfeng; the title character is married to a man who lives in Jintian and the characters get caught up in the revolution. The Nian Rebellion was an armed uprising that took place in northern China from 1851 to 1868, contemporaneously with Taiping Rebellion in South China. It was, in essence, the establishment of a new country, the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace, in the southern part of China. The rebellion failed to topple the Qing dynasty, but caused immense economic devastation and loss of life that became major long-term factors in the collapse of the Qing regime in the early 20th century. 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