My new longbow

Huntress will be mine  just before Christmas Day.   She is a longbow.   Bit of a back story here… when I was eight my wonderfully unconventional father bought one of my brothers, Kenneth, and I Longbows for Christmas.   It was the best present ever and we whiled away many hours shooting Coke cans off walls and in my brother’s case attempting to shoot the high wire on the electricity pylons in the fields in front of our house ( just kidding National Grid…)

I used my longbow for years until finally it snapped.   I have  only seldom fired longbows in the intervening decades but I have remained fascinated by them. I have just completed a young adult/adult trilogy called the Longbowgirl series.   My heroine is, no surprises here, a Longbowgirl.  The Longbowgirl.   As I  like to think of myself as a Longbowgirl my husband thought that for Christmas he would provide me with one, hence Huntress.

She is being made as we speak by a master bowyer called Mark Grady, from Herefordshire.   Mark is going to deliver her to me before Christmas and give me some much needed refresher lessons.

In case there are any other would-be Longbowgirls or boys or women or men out there,  I am going to blog about my progress.   With pictures of Huntress too.   Can’t wait!