Djinn Quintet

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Hello and welcome to the magical world of the Djinn! Djinn are shape-shifting supernatural creatures. According to the ancient mythology of the Middle East, they were created from smokeless fire, whilst we rather more earth-bound creatures humans were created from clay. They can be good or evil, visible or invisible and can shape shift, assuming human, animal and inanimate form. In the tales of the Arabian Nights, Solomon was said to have mastered them, imprisoning them in sealed jars and throwing them into the sea. They are altogether rather wondrous creatures.

I have been fascinated by djinn for years, and so when I moved to the Middle East five years ago, I was determined to write something about them.

Then, one day, I got inspired.

I was walking along the beach near my home when I found a shell with a very intricate pattern on it. I picked it up, imagined I was a young boy just finding it. I wondered why he would feel compelled to seek out the hidden kingdom depicted in the shell. Then I thought, what if his parents had been kidnapped at sea by an evil being, and were being held in some sort of parallel universe? Then he would need to go and rescue them. So that was the genesis of Sea Djinn. I went home and started writing. The beach I walked on is featured in some of my photos. I rename it Shell Beach in my books.

Sea Djinn is the first full-length contemporary children’s novel to be written and set in the Middle East.

Set in modern-day Dubai, the Djinn books describe what happens when three young friends – Finn, Fred and Georgina – encounter a real-life Djinn…