Cameron Diaz and California’s drought

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As I write this, California is suffering a life changing drought. Here’s a letter I wrote which the Mail on Sunday published last week.

‘While it may amuse us that Cameron Diaz is not flushing the loo as regularly as she used to in order to conserve water in drought-stricken California, those wishing for rain need to be aware of the other end of the extreme weather spectrum. In researching my novel Ark Storm, I found that once every two hundred years a catastrophic storm hits California, and they are currently due one.

‘Last time it rained for 45 days, bankrupting the state. And storms of this magnitude are projected to become more frequent and more intense as a result of global warming. We can only hope that the rain, when it does come, will be the result of a small Ark Storm, not the terrifying ARk Storm 1000 which is due.’

photo credit: California Backyard Scene

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