Workshop Testimonials

Linda has run a number of workshops and talks in the past. Here are some testimonials from those who have worked for her. If you're interested in having Linda speak at your event get in touch via the contact page.

Judi Hurst

Head of Library and Information Services, Dubai International Academy

I ran a Creative Writing Competition for the Secondary students at my school as a part of our World Book Day celebrations and invited Linda Davies to judge and present the Awards.

Linda was very thorough in her approach, outlining exactly what this would cost the school and the time frame for each stage and very patient as there were a few difficulties in sending files via e-mail.

Her attention to detail at the start was very reassuring and professional. Linda gave constructive comments to all eleven students who had won awards and quoted from their work during the Assembly presentations. We gave Linda’s books as prizes and Linda came prepared with all the books signed in advance with an inscription addressed to the individual prize winner.

After a book signing session during lunchtime, Linda gave a creative writing workshop for selected Year 5 and Year 6 students. All the students were most appreciative of the ideas given and came away from the experience very motivated and positive about their writing potential. I had let Linda know in advance that the Year 5 students were studying mythology related to the elements of nature and the Year 6 students were studying advertising and persuasive writing and she wove these into the workshop.

We enjoyed the day with Linda and would recommend her to other schools without hesitation.

Verity Belcher

English teacher, English College, Dubai

I would definitely recommend a visit from Linda to get those creative cogs working!

Tom Callaghan

Creative Director of an advertising agency in Dubai

Linda Davies' writing course offers a clear, concise account of the way in which she writes, and provides tips and hints on how to get past the obstacles that seem to stand in the way of would-be writers.

Her comments on plotting and characterisation are pithy and to the point, well illustrated by anecdotes from her own writing life. Linda treats every participant in the course with equal respect, giving carefully considered opinions and advice on work created during the evening.

Informative, entertaining - and inspiring - her class is well worth attending, whatever your writing ambitions or achievements.

Deborah Clohesy

Teacher-Librarian, Greenfield Community School, Dubai Investments Park

Linda Davies presented her workshop for young writers to selected Greenfield students from grades 3-8 late last year, and they were spellbound from start to finish - even our resident Cool Dude sat as if hypnotised, and told me afterwards that he thought the workshop was "good", which translates into everyday English as "wonderful". A mother of a brother and sister who attended the workshop told me that her children went home at the end of the day and wrote "pages and pages", as they had been so inspired by the workshop.

I had attended the adult version of the workshop several months before, at Magrudy's in Jumeirah, and found Linda informative, approachable and down to earth, and thus decided to invite her to our school as soon as I was able.

Having her, a REAL LIVE published author, at our school's Book Week gave our celebrations a stamp of authenticity.

I would recommend her workshop to readers and writers of all ages.

Jessica Wright

More Able and Gifted/Talented Leader, Jumeirah Primary School, Dubai

On the day of Linda's visit, the students were very excited to see 'a real live author' and keen to grab a moment of her time to listen to their own ideas. The talk to a year group was very successful, with students captivated by Linda's words of encouragement  and inspiration. The workshop which followed had students itching to begin writing and creatively expressing their ideas.

Thank you very much for giving the Writing Workshop -many of the children were inspired and fascinated talking to a 'real-life,' successful author. The children who are reading your new book are now 'stealing' some of the words that you use in it, much to the pleasure of their teachers! Many thanks once again.

Isobel Abulhoul

Dubai Literary Festival Director

Linda Davies, best selling author, introduced herself to me when she settled in Dubai several years ago. A year or so later, I was involved in founding the Literary Festival which has gone on to become the most successful event of its kind in the Middle East. I come from a long involvement with books, writers and publishers. I co founded Magrudy’s the bookshop chain in the UAE in 1975, and the children’s’ publishing company Jerboa Books in 2005.

During the early planning stages of the literary festival, Linda came to see me and share a brain wave she had had. Linda proposed we start a creative writing competition for children and young adults and that it would culminate in a publication of the winning and short listed entries. This has become an annual event and I am very happy to say that Linda has been a judge each year, devoting much time to judging entries and providing such positive feedback to these young aspiring writers.

Linda’s vision was spot on and this had really given young people hope and an incentive to put pen to paper, one of the key aims of our festival is to improve literacy rates in the region.

Sally Warren

RAF Lakenheath

I am responsible for planning and organising adult programs at RAF Lakenheath Base Library, which is a general library serving the needs of the base population. Linda Davies came to RAF Lakenheath Library on the 23rd of October last year as part of a panel of crime writers.

Linda had lots to tell. Her ability to enthral an audience as a speaker is only surpassed by the fast pace of her writing. She has had a lot of interesting life experiences which have given her some fascinating stories to relate. Linda was also very forthcoming with advice for aspiring writers. We would all have loved to hear more if only time had permitted.

Laura Ballantyne

Subject Leader for English, Drama and Literacy Beccles Free School

Linda delivered a considered and well judged session for our more able Year 7 and 8 students at Beccles Free School. She spoke with enthusiasm about the process of writing and, perhaps more importantly, encouraged students to produce writing of their own through a well chosen task.

Students also had the opportunity to share their work with her and receive personalised and highly effective feedback. In addition to this she fielded students' questions (including 'Do you have a favourite chair for writing?' and 'What's your favourite writing snack?') with style, warmth and humour.

Students benefitted greatly from her visit, read her books as a result and we hope to secure her as a literary patroness for our school.